Fresh Goat Cheese

Our fresh goat cheese is exceptionally creamy and mild, made in small batches, with just a bit of salt. Crumble it into a salad, add it to a pasta dish, or just spread it on a cracker. We currently produce four flavors:

  • Plain chèvre is versatile - it goes equally well with savory and sweet!
  • Parsley and Chive is made with herbs from our garden or local farms
  • Triple Pepper has a slow burn that is habit-forming
  • Lemon Garlic changes with the seasons: from spring garlic to scapes to the first cloves of the harvest


Feta Cheese

Our feta is mild and perfectly salted. It is dry-cured, so you don't have to fish around in brine to get a piece of cheese to crumble into your salad or chop for spanikopita. It's a perfect match for cucumbers or tomatoes!


Drinkable Yogurt

Fresh goat milk and live active cultures combine in a smooth, tangy yogurt. Good for smoothies, salad dressings, and chilled soups. Plain or flavored with raw honey.


Goat Milk

Sweet and rich, the milk of our pastured goats is sure to delight. Many people who cannot digest cows' milk are able to consume goats' milk.